We’ve talked about Classical Conditioning (Pavlov) but there’s also Operant Conditioning. Think “work” when you hear the word “operant”. That tells us that there’s some level of effort and a paycheque involved. 

Operant conditioning is also very powerful – it’s cause and effect! Your dog learns “when I do A, B happens as a result.” If B was something desirable to the dog, they will keep doing A! If B was not desirable, they’ll avoid doing A in the future, but they’ll also avoid whoever executed B. 

That’s called reinforcement and punishment. It gets messy, but you’re going to have this nailed in no time! 

Let’s take a peek at how it looks. You might be surprised but this, like Classical Conditioning, works on all creatures with a brain. I’ve trained people, dogs, horses, cats, rats, chickens, and goldfish! You’ll even see a video of me training a chicken!