Most of us have this nightmare of the dog jumping on the table during family dinner and pulling the roast chicken off the platter, starting a (very greasy) wild goose chase in the home. 

This is a valid concern to have, but I’ll tell you that you can prevent it from day one! 

Management & Prevention

If you’ve been part of the Academy for longer than 20 minutes, you know this is 90% of training. If we can prevent a behaviour from becoming a pattern for the dog, we have a much easier road ahead of us. 

This is exactly like having a toddler; we wouldn’t just let a toddler run around, unsupervised or  without using electrical outlet covers and gates to block stairwells, would we? That would be absurd and we would surely fail the toddler, resulting in something pretty catastrophic. 

Here are some ways to prevent a dog from jumping up on the table, begging for food, stealing snacks off the counter or coffee table: 

  • use baby gates or exercise pens to block meal prep areas like the kitchen
  • use baby gates or exercise pens to block dining areas
  • use your dog’s LTCA or crate during mealtimes 
  • time your dog’s mealtime along with yours and ensure they’re enriched so your dog is busy for longer 
  • never feed your dog directly from the table 
  • wait until the completion of the meal to deliver dog-safe scraps to the dog in their LTCA or on their mat