Breaking up a Dog Fight

Never attempt to break up a fight by putting your hands or body in between dogs or on a dog’s collar

  1. Attempt to break up the fight using noise. Yelling hey-hey-hey, clapping your hands, or blowing a whistle. If that does not work, dump water on their faces, toss a jacket or towel over their heads, two people should grab the dogs where the hind legs meet the body. Lift up and swing away from the other dog.
  2. Keep the dogs separated from each other and any other dogs.
  3. Once all of the dogs are secured, check all participants for injury. Perform first aid if required and send them to the nearest veterinary clinic. Do not sign anything or agree to anything. Any questions about payment of vet bills should not be answered at all; instead, direct to Caryn.

Dogs fighting on the street.