When we talk about prognosis in aggression cases, it’s never an easy conversation to have. We all want the best outcome for the dog AND the family AND the public. 

The steps we take as behaviour consultants are to do exactly that; keep everyone safe from harm. 

A qualified behaviour consultant will do the following: 

  • take a full history to assess past behaviour, mitigating and aggravating circumstances
  • suggest veterinary assessment if warranted
  • assess risks to family members, other dogs, the public, other pet professionals (vet, tech, daycare, dog walker, groomer, etc)
  • determine a loose prediction of the dog’s future behaviour based on history
  • suggest tight management to prevent injury
  • suggest a training plan based on humane methods and never using punishment
  • OR suggest a prognosis and a followup with a Veterinary Behaviourist if warranted

Please ensure that you have read and understood the following lessons:

The information provided in this lesson is not a medical diagnosis and is only provided to help you determine the risks of managing vs modifying this behaviour vs making a difficult choice for your dog’s safety or your family’s safety. 

It is strongly recommended that you work directly with a qualified trainer, Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist, or a Veterinary Behaviourist