Interview: Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals

I had the opportunity to speak with my friend and esteemed colleague, Dr Sagi Denenberg, who is our local Veterinary Behaviourist, here in the Greater Toronto Area. 

We had a wonderful discussion about the use of medication when working with a dog who is suffering from a panic disorder such as Separation Anxiety or Isolation Distress. 

Thank you, Dr Sagi, for your time and for all that you do for us trainers and our shared clients.

The video is just under 1-hour in length and a full transcription will be available shortly.  

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*Please do not share advice for others regarding medication or supplements – it would be irresponsible for anyone but a Veterinarian or Veterinary Behaviourist to do so and every dog is an individual, requiring different treatment plans. Thank you! 

Lessons in this Course: