How to Manage in the Meantime

How to manage in the meantime

You want to get to the juicy stuff – how to make my dog stop barking and lunging at dogs/people. I totally get it! We are going to get there – I promise! But there are some things we need to work through first.

I’m not going to leave you without tools, however, so here are some ways to manage in the meantime:

  • Prevent your dog from exposure to triggers as much as possible. This might mean:
    • avoiding the busy times of day on the main street
    • advocating for your dog and speaking up before people or dogs get too close: “no thanks” or “get your dog NOW” or “he’s contagious” – all perfectly acceptable responses
    • putting up window film (#2) in the front window to prevent your dog from barking at passers-by all day
    • using a small, compact umbrella (#4) in the elevator to block your dog’s view of the door when it opens
    • popping your dog behind a baby gate in the bedroom or bathroom when you’re expecting visitors and give them some classical music and a stuffed frozen food toy to keep them busy

Whatever keeps them and others safe! If something is making it worse, put a stop to it and let’s find a creative solution together.

Last, but not at all least, I’d like you to immediately start implementing a Bark Bonus system:

Using Pavlovian Conditioning, we are going to pair a piece of food with another dog’s bark, the same way Pavlov paired a bowl of food with a bell.

A dog barks > you immediately feed your dog a treat


No contingencies at all. Just a straight up pairing. Even if your dog barks, you still feed them. Don’t worry about “reinforcing behaviour” with this – this is not a concern and we’ll talk about why…soon.

Lessons in this Course: