Module 04: Assignments

Assignment #1

You’ve got a few new behaviours to work on this week after a much needed breather week! 

We know that a tight leash causes tension and tension causes outbursts and outbursts make us cray-cray. 

Let’s work on polite walking, building eye contact, and if your dog has that +CER, start playing with the Look at That game when you’re at a safe distance and there’s low-to-no chance your dog will burst into flames upon noticing the trigger. 

Report back in the Community as you work through these, post videos for feedback, ask questions, let me coach you! 

Assignment #2

Check out those two bonus PDFs that give you some scripts for strangers. I’m sure you’ll find something useful in there. 

And you know what I say… when in doubt, yell “contagious!!” and that works like a charm. (Especially during Covid, sadly.)


You’re halfway there!!

Lessons in this Course: