It's Assignment time! 


Make a list of your dog's triggers and beside each one, note their threshold (approximate). Be specific! 

Here's an example: 

  • Large dogs (walking away) = 20ft
  • Large dogs (walking towards) = 40ft
  • Small dogs (walking away) = 8ft
  • Small dogs (walking towards) = 20ft
  • All dogs (barking) = 50ft 
  • People (making eye contact / talking to us) = 15ft
  • People (walking away) = 10ft
  • People walking towards (ignoring us) = 15ft
  • Squirrels = 30ft


Let's prep some high-value food for training:

Classical counterconditioning

Get out there and find some triggers at a safe distance and give this exercise a try! Short and sweet. Longer sessions are not as effective as short/safe exposures with fabulous associations. 


Do you have a dog who has to bark back at other dogs when they bark? Let's play the Bark Bonus game whenever it fits! It's a blast to watch Salinger orient to me instantly when he hears a dog bark. Talk about conditioning! 

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