Learning Objectives

We've spent a good chunk of our time working on a strong foundation and now it's time to start taking things on the road. 

In this module, we're going to learn how to take things on the road (eeeeeek!!) so buckle up! 


  • Defensive handling with your leash
  • What to do when the faeces hits the fan
  • Focusing on recovery vs reaction
  • Testing your dog's Conditioned Emotional Response (CER)


  • Practice your leash-handling skills
  • Test your dog's Conditioned Emotional Response (CER)
  • Teaching your dog a U-Turn
  • Decompression activities


  • What if my dog still doesn't have a CER?
  • What if my dog's recovery is longer than expected?

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you will have:

  • Learned some new leash-handling techniques
  • Tested your dog's CER
  • Taught your dog an emergency exit
  • Learned how to handle the faeces hitting the fan
  • Tried some decompression activities to help your dog recover

You're all set! Get in there!  

Questions as you work through the material? Pop into the Community and ask away! I'm in there five days a week. For more in-depth answers, I'll be LIVE in our Coaching calls, so check the Calendar for upcoming dates/times, and see here for the replays. 

I cannot wait to find out how things are going! 

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