Learning Objectives

So, by now you’ve probably realised that while all of this is well and good, if you have a dog that pulls on leash, you’re going to have a dog who is jazzed up for the whole walk and harder to control. 

This week we’re going to put all our focus on the walk. Keep doing what you’re doing, and let’s take a step back so we can take many peaceful ones forward.


  • Polite walking on leash


  • Pops, Tugs, & Corrections
  • Name It / Drive-Thru Window
  • Box Step
  • Capturing Eye Contact
  • Taking it on the Road


  • What if my dog is yo-yo-ing or doing the “boomerang”?
  • What if my dog doesn’t even know I exist because the environment is too hectic?
  • What if my dog is pulling on leash already?

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you will have:

  • Started the polite walking process – not as easy as it sounds, but potentially the second most reinforcing behaviour to train in a dog. (Recall has to be my number one!) 😉 

You’re all set! Get in there!  

Questions as you work through the material? Pop into the Community and ask away! I’m in there five days a week. For more in-depth answers, I’ll be LIVE in our Coaching calls, so check the Calendar for upcoming dates/times, and see here for the replays. 

I cannot wait to find out how your walks are feeling this week!