Learning Objectives

Did you know that dogs who have issues with reactivity or frustration are almost always suffering from a lack of impulse control? They are not so different from us! When we suffer from impulse control issues we tend to get stuck in dangerous patterns; addiction and other mental health issues.We’re going to focus on building impulse control in our dogs with a few simple techniques that you can do at your leisure. We do have an entire Impulse Control course but this module is going to focus on a couple of activities that I have found to really help build this muscle during reactivity training. 


  • This is an exercise-heavy module, so let’s skip the theory for now. You know all you need to know – you just have to work on these exercises for very short periods of time when it works for you. Remember that this type of work is cumulative so don’t expect an immediate behaviour change – this is “money in the bank”! 


  • Elevator > Zen
  • Calm on Cue
  • Wait (at doorways)
  • Say Please


  • What if my dog never relaxes?
  • What if the food is too exciting?
  • Am I ever allowed to engage my dog in high-arousal activities again? 

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you will have:

  • Started to build some impulse control at home
  • Taught your dog to relax on cue (building this in various environments will take longer)
  • Learned how to implement these types of exercises outside the home


This module contains a bonus for you. On the topic of impulse control and relaxation, a common question that comes up is “should I consider medication to reduce my dog’s reactivity and difficulty in recovering?” 

In the Resources section, you will find an interview with my friend and colleague, Dr. Sagi Denenberg, DACVB (Veterinary Behaviourist) on the topic of anxiety medication and nutraceuticals. This interview was recorded with Separation Anxiety in mind, but the concept is identical regardless of the condition. 

I have also added a couple of other resources to support this conversation with your Veterinarian should you choose to discuss this topic with them. 

You’re all set! Get in there!  

Questions as you work through the material? Pop into the Community and ask away! I’m in there five days a week. For more in-depth answers, I’ll be LIVE in our Coaching calls, so check the Calendar for upcoming dates/times, and see here for the replays. 

I cannot wait to find out how your dog is feeling this week! (And you too!)