Learning Objectives


You have really worked your tail off and have tackled one of the most challenging (and common) behaviours in the dog training world. 

You know that reactivity is not a disease, therefore it cannot be cured, per se, but we can definitely improve our dog’s quality of life, reduce the reactivity to triggers, build resilience, and help them cope and recover faster. 

Some dogs go on to be selectively social dogs, some remain asocial or proximity sensitive, but my goal is to have every single dog who leaves this program, go on to live a happier life along with their human(s), minus MOST of the barking and lunging.

My hope for you is that you have learned much from this program and while you might not be at the stage where you can say your dog is “cured”, you certainly have the foundation in place to keep up the great work! 

This week’s menu: Transferring those alternate behaviours to everyday situations and…dealing with the real world! 


  • Asking for alternate behaviours in the face of triggers
  • Considering alternate reinforcers
  • Setbacks, regressions, and plateaus…oh my!

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you will have:

  • Noted two or three alternate behaviours that you can practice and use in place of “Look at That” or counterconditioning when you think your dog can handle it
  • Noted which alternate reinforcers would work for your dog in various situations/contexts and start using one or two
  • Learned how to handle setbacks, regressions, and plateaus

You’re all set! Get in there! Questions as you work through the material? Pop into the Community and ask away! I’m in there five days a week. For more in-depth answers, I’ll be LIVE in our Coaching calls, so check the Calendar for upcoming dates/times, and see here for the replays. I cannot wait to find out how your dog is feeling this week! (And you too!)