Canine Sociability

“My goal is to have a dog who allows strangers to pet him on the street, loves all visitors, and can go to the dog park and play with other dogs.”

Have you caught yourself saying that before?

Let’s flip that on its head! 

“My goal is to have a child who allows strangers to hug him on the street, gets along with everyone at school, and can go to the playground and play nicely with other kids – even the bullies.”

I hope the above graphic gives you a little peace of mind knowing that your dog is “normal” no matter where they land on the spectrum. 

I know that we all want the “dog social” dog but honestly that is not the most common dog out there, just like “extroverted people” are not the most common out there. 

Let’s start accepting our dogs for who they are and work on helping them build coping mechanisms for situations where they’re not comfortable. That’s the key to a happy life!