How to join our LIVE Coaching Calls

Live Coaching Calls  are recorded in case you are unable to join live. Of course, joining live, you will be able to ask your questions and get answers right away, so I encourage everyone to try to attend whenever possible. 

If you cannot attend, click here and submit your questions so that I can address them on the call and you can catch the recording later. 

5-10 minutes before our LIVE Coaching Call click on the “JOIN” link in the calendar and a quick download will begin. When asked for your name, please use your real name to match the name on file, otherwise, I will not recognise you and you will remain in the waiting room!  

You can use the “chat” feature as well, by clicking on the three dots or the “Chat” button. 

Zoom is best used on a computer, rather than a tablet or smartphone whenever possible. 

You can click here to test Zoom

It’s your choice whether or not you use video – it’s always a more personal experience when you do. Everyone will be muted until it’s a person’s turn to speak – otherwise it would be mad chaos! 

​Any video submission for review will be reviewed LIVE in these Coaching Calls because it is a fantastic learning opportunity for everyone. No judgement. No embarrassment. You’re in good company. 

Lessons in this Course: