So you’ve been struggling with a dog who makes some embarrassing displays on leash when faced with their triggers; barking, lunging, rearing up, snapping, and maybe worse – biting. You’re left feeling exhausted, defeated, embarrassed, frustrated, even angry or sad. You’re dumbfounded; why is your dog behaving this way? They’re really fantastic 95% of the time, but this is a heavy 5%. 

It’s important to remember is that you are not alone. There is a large community of people just like you, struggling with the same reactive behaviour from their dogs. There is also a large community of people like you who have resolved their dogs’ reactivity and have peaceful walks to this day. You’ve probably tried a dozen tools and techniques and perhaps you’ve even hired a trainer (or three) to work through this and have been given contradicting advice alongside Dr.Google’s tips. 

There is hope for you! In 2011, I developed a very successful reactive dog class that we have been running (sold out and waitlisted ever since), and now it’s available online for those who cannot attend live, who don’t live in our service area, who live in a remote area, or whose dog is reactive to people, making group classes or even private lessons challenging. 

So let’s get started on the path to understanding and modifying this behaviour. 

This program is intensive and supportive. Just what you need when you’re dealing with this type of issue. Over the next eight weeks, we’re going to work together very closely. 

Every week, you’re going to receive a new module that will be jam-packed full of information. You’ll read the lesson, watch the video demonstrating the concepts and techniques, practice on your own, and come back for some troubleshooting and resources.

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Lessons in this Course: