Oftentimes, the best way to practice these behaviours is to practice one or two repetitions randomly throughout each day. Incorporating these mini-practice sessions into your normal daily life is the best way to generalise behaviours, but it also prevents your dog from thinking that the only time they should perform this behaviour is when you “look” like you’re training (treat pouch on, clicker in hand, etc). 

Your assignments for this week:

  • Train a “touch” (hand target) in the home and in other low-distraction areas.
  • Work on “Calm on Cue” in the home when your dog is already relaxed. (Each week, if you are successfully practicing on an almost-daily basis and seeing progress, increase the distractions ever so slightly.)
  • Continue counterconditioning your dog to triggers at a safe distance as needed but try to play the “Look atThat” game, interchanged with some cued “Eye Contact” as well
  • Consider how close you can get to a trigger without your dog getting stressed out…and reward handsomely upon moving away. Work at your dog’s pace. Not your pace.
  • Capture video of your work (if it’s safe! Best to have a friend or partner do the filming while you do the work.) and submit it for review so I can help you work out the kinks and give feedback. (optional) 
  • Submit questions via the discussion forum so that we can all learn together!

Lessons in this Course: