Hello, and welcome! You’ve done it! You’ve joined Cranky Canine™ – the most effective and efficient program for modifying reactive behaviour in dogs.

I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Caryn Liles and I’ll be your Instructor and Coach through this program and beyond.

In joining Cranky Canine™, you’ve not only gained access to this course, but you’ve got me for twelve weeks, supporting you almost daily as you work through the material and practice in the real world. Once you’ve graduated this program, you’ll be invited into our Exclusive Membership for Cranky Canines™ only, where you’ll get ongoing support, future updates to the program, and you can repeat the live program as needed for a fraction of the tuition!

Every Monday, you will receive an email inviting you to check out the next module that is available to you. I know you probably want everything all at once but I’ve been teaching this for almost a decade and I know that never turns out well. We need a strong foundation in order to really make the progress we want.

In each module, you will find a number of lessons with short videos, worksheets, and/or resources to help you understand the concepts and get started on the work.

Go at your dog’s pace. Don’t worry if you lag behind – you have access to me for twelve weeks and you have lifetime access to the course and updates. I wish I could say that we can fix reactivity in twelve weeks, but the reality is that behaviour change takes time and is affected by so many factors; many of which we cannot always control.

By the end of this course, you are going to have a much more clear understanding of your dog and their behaviour challenge. You will have the tools and techniques to modify behaviour safely.

You may need to repeat things. You may stumble. You may have regressions or setbacks. You may have hard days.

You may learn so much more about your dog that your brain feels like it will burst. You may love your dog even more than do already. You may feel a sense of control on the walks that you haven’t felt in a long time. You may experience pride when walking down the street.

You deserve it. So does your dog.

Let’s do this.