Assignment #1

You’ve got a few new behaviours to work on! 

We know that a tight leash causes tension and tension causes outbursts and outbursts make us cray-cray. 

If your dog has that +CER, start playing with the Look at That game when you’re at a safe distance. If they don’t have it yet, just keep working on classically conditioning them to triggers at a safe distance. It takes time to create positive associations if negative ones are currently there! 

Try playing the hand-targeting game in low-distraction environments and making it really fun for your dog! 

Let’s work on polite walking so that you can reduce tension on the walks as much as possible. 

Assignment #2

Check out these two bonus PDFs that give you some scripts for strangers. I’m sure you’ll find something useful in there:

Is your dog human-reactive? 

Let’s talk about how to deal with people who think they’re the anomaly: 

Is your dog dog-reactive? 

Let’s talk about how to deal with off-leash dogs: 

And you know what I say… when in doubt, yell “contagious!!” and that works like a charm. (Especially during Covid, sadly.)

Reminder for next week: 

Next week will be our “breather week” where no new assignments will be given as these first few modules are heavy, heavy, heavy! You’ll need some time for implementation.