During the “Treat Fairy” exercise, my dog will not go all the way into the crate.
  • Drop the food closer to the door and gradually start tossing them further and further until they’re near the back and the dog’s whole body is in the crate. Consider increasing the value of the treats to incentivise.  

My dog grabs the food and runs out of the crate.
  • Feed every 1 sec and gradually slow it down to 2 sec and finally 3 sec. Stop at 15 seconds and release them. Repeat until they are visibly more relaxed in the crate for 15-30 seconds with random treating. 
A closed door causes my dog to get upset. 
  • Close it 3/4 of the way for a few reps and then close it to within an inch or half an inch and feed until you can close the door and feed without stress. 
My dog whines, paws at the door or tries to escape the crate as soon as the door is closed.
  • Should that happen, we should take it as information that we have moved too far too fast. Stop what you’re doing, wait until your dog is quiet and still for 2-3 seconds and then release them from the crate. Come back to the training plan and go back to a step that was successful. Repeat that step three times and then move to the next step.  

  • If your dog cannot be still/quiet for even 2-3 seconds, let them out regardless and don’t make a fuss. Simply put the treats away and come back to the training plan. We’ve definitely gone too far too fast!