• Your dog finishes their Kong or chew before 10 minutes is up? Wowzah! You are going to need to study the art of long-lasting food toys  and chews! In the meantime, watch closely and let them out just before they finish it.   
  • Your dog won’t touch their Kong or chew? Yikes…this could mean that they’re stressed or that they’re full. Close the economy on food, my friend! Work with a hungry dog. You’ll see better results! If they’re stressed, go back to an easier step and work your way back up.  
  • Two to three seconds is too long and your dog stops eating their Kong or chew, or starts to vocalize or scratch at the door? Try stepping out and stepping back in immediately. Gradually increase the time to 1 sec out of sight, 2 sec out of sight, and finally 3 sec out of sight. We can always make steps easier for our dog!