Why continue crating past puppyhood?

We never know what will happen in the future, so continuing crate and confinement training throughout the dog’s life is a very wise choice. Here are a few reasons you might want to continue:

  • If you choose to start a family, you will need to be able to confine your dog for baby’s tummy-time, crawling, or for their birthday parties! Night-time crating or confinement is always recommended to keep baby safe if they’re in your room or co-sleeping.  
  • If your dog gets ill or injured and requires a stay at the veterinary clinic, they will be crated and we don’t want that to be an even more stressful experience for them! 
  • Should you need to board your dog, life is much easier for your boarder/sitter if they can crate or confine your dog without stress for short periods of time until they develop a sense of trust.  
  • Adopting another dog? Fostering other pets? Crate and confinement training is paramount in these situations as management will prevent most challenges.  
  • As our dogs get older, they may lose control of their bladder and bowels – you don’t want Roomba picking that up and spreading the news! Confinement can really help out in this department. Older dogs can also lose their sight or hearing and having a confinement option is really helpful.