Lesson 3 – Going forward

Now that we’re not handing out free food, let’s finish up by getting into a realistic feeding lifestyle that works for our dogs and for us! You might choose to use their breakfast as training rewards and then their evening meal is fed from a food dispensing toy or puzzle. Or the other way around.

Most people find that this way of feeding becomes the norm. Food now means something, and in turn, we have a dog who is creative, using their brain for problem-solving (rather than getting into trouble), and who is tuckered out much easier each day because they’ve blown off some mental steam. All of this reduces behaviour challenges and keeps a dog happy. A happy dog is a happy human! 

Going forward, switch it up – don’t just do the same thing every day – they will get bored of that too after some time! Switch it up and rotate in a new puzzle or method.

Once you have completed this, move on to Lesson 4! 

Caveat: if you find that despite your consistency you’re still struggling, get in touch with us so that we can help! If your dog is refusing food because the environment is too overwhelming or stressful for them, do not continue on this training plan – instead, get in touch with us and let us help!  

I spend about 20 minutes once a week stuffing Kongs for my dog. I have 7 of them and each of them holds half of his full meal – the other half is eaten on walks, in training or out of a puzzle. It takes me a few minutes to wash them out really well and stuff them again, to freeze for the week.