Combining Handling With the Tool

WOW! Look how far you’ve made it! 

You’ve conditioned the stationary behaviour, conditioned body handling, and conditioned the tools required.

Okay, maybe you haven’t done all of them, but just the ones that are appropriate for you right now. That’s okay! Just keep coming back to choose a new tool and work on it over time. 

All of these are separate concepts for your dog; we have not yet combined the stationary behaviour with the handling and/or the tool. This is a little more complex, so let’s get to it! 

The theory is the same whether we’re combining the stationary behaviour with the handling or the tool. Here is a look at the process: 

Now, let’s combine the stationary behaviour with handling: 

Stationary behaviour + ear exam:

Stationary behaviour + eye exam:

Stationary behaviour + tooth exam:

Stationary behaviour + muzzle hold:

Here are a few videos that show the treatment in action.

First, eye drops in action:

Next, ear drops in action: 

Ugh! The unthinkable! The ear drop bottle made a loud noise in Dodger’s ear, causing him to jump but luckily we had built up enough “money” in his account that this didn’t throw us off track for long. 

This one is post-nail-clipping, nail-filing! Salinger quite likes this part!