Data Tracking


Have you ever had a rough day? What about a rough patch? A crummy month? That "super crappy year"?

Or do you find that you are exactly the same every day despite all that happens in your life?

No one is immune to stressors in life and we tend to expect our dogs to be consistent every day. That's a big ask! And not a realistic one either.

Dogs (and people) are often affected by things like diet changes, weather, allergies, lack of sleep, feeling unwell, and general crankiness. We are also very susceptible to trigger-stacking, which is when a series of small stressors occur and build up over a period of time, causing us to feel more edgy than usual and even act out of character, taking out our frustration or anger on those closest to us, retreating into our bedroom or a glass of wine, snapping at our mother in law when she offers to help, feeling intolerant of a co-worker's daily carrot-chomping routine at lunch, you name it.

Your dog experiences this as well, but they don't have the opportunity to talk about it or sit down with a trusted therapist to strategise how best to manage this building stress. They carry it day in and out and it's our job to be aware.

What better way to do this than to track some data! You'll be surprised at what you'll learn about your dog through this process. I know that with my last dog, Parker, I only found out about how windy days affected him and his isolation distress after I started his data tracking. Windy days would cause him to have a four-day regression and by acknowledging it, I was able to plan ahead and provide some "padding" for his world.

We have created a Data Tracking sheet at the beginning of your Mission Control Workbook, so it's all set up for you, already! 

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