How to Read Your Data


The best part about using a tool like Google Sheets is that you can track your data easily, but you can also sort it! You can get really fancy and create graphs and such, but we're going to go easy for now. 😉 

After about two weeks of tracking, you may start to see some patterns emerging. You may not, and that's okay too! Not all dogs are perfectly predictable and you may need more data and time to see consistencies. 

Data is so important so that we can really nail down what's working and what's not. If we know that storms trigger our dogs, we can choose to "go easy" on stormy days or skip training on those days altogether. If we know that mornings are easier for our dogs, we can choose to target training there in order to build up to an appreciable time and then focus on afternoons and evenings later with the hope of generalising the skills rather than starting over. 

See what I mean? Take a look at the video above for an example of how I track and read data. 

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