Your First Mission: PDQs

Get ready to start this party! Here are your exercises for this week. Be ready for some repetition. We’re not racing to the finish line here; we are building a wicked-strong foundation. (Yes. I just said “wicked-strong”.) 

Training should occur (ideally) once per day, five days per week. Give yourself two days off per week where your dog is managed and you’re not working on this – it will help to prevent caregiver burnout!

Each mission should only take 15-30 minutes at this stage.There is no data that shows that doing these missions more than once per day increases the speed of resolution, so that should hopefully alleviate some of the urgency and pressure.

It’s time to run your first Mission! This is pretty exciting stuff!

We’re going to focus on PDQs this week and this will build a strong foundation. 

In between each of the steps, you’re going to be boring. Sit on the couch and fill in the notes. Go put a few dishes away. Fold a few pieces of laundry. Go to the washroom and brush your teeth. Make a grocery list. Sit at the breakfast nook and sip some water while scrolling IG. 

Better yet, take a selfie and tag us in it! @TCCEinc with hashtags #RunningAMission #SepAnx

You don’t have to act differently around your dog – just don’t be extreme in either direction; don’t fawn over them but don’t ignore and avoid them. Just be normal! It’s just for 30 – 60 seconds. 

Start your engine Mission!