Build Your Mission

Now that we know where we stand, we build our Mission based on this data! 

I don’t want you to get all excited and go out of control here, so keep your feelings in check! If your dog blew your mind with a 300% increase in tolerance, it may not happen again right away, so I tend to go a touch conservative but aim for close to that comfortable duration. 

Let’s say your dog was reassessed and instead of being comfortable for 8 seconds, he was relaxed for 45 seconds and then he was a bit stressed for 10 seconds longer and then he started to bark frantically. This doesn’t mean that his baseline is written in stone at 55 seconds. It means that we’re going to play around with the 45-50 second mark. Make sense?

This is huge progress, yes! But don’t think that we’re heading over to Starbucks to grab a coffee just yet. 

Ah, did you think I would have this one ready for you? 

Fine. I do! This is an example, so please try your hand out at Mission-building based on what I’ve given you. Give it a try! 

When you’ve built your Mission, post it in the Community with your dog’s baseline from the most recent reassessment and let’s talk about it this week! Make a copy of Happy Home Alone – Mission 5