How to Build up PDQs and Time


We have added in a few PDQs but not all of them! Let's go back to our PDQ  workbook to see what is left. We have to add these in now so that our Missions look more and more like a real absence. At this point, your dog has caught onto the "game" and so adding in PDQs should not be too painful. 

In this Mission, you'll see that we're barely changing a thing except that we're adding all of our PDQs. 

Remember: this new change might mean that this Mission gets repeated for a few days in a row just until they're comfortable with what we've done. 

You will have to gauge (by watching closely as you work through the Mission) how your dog is feeling about this. If they become stressed, you'll want to come back and we'll find a "split" together. 

 The last two steps are the same as my hope is that your dog is going to be bored by the end of this, but if they're stressed, skip the last step and end on Step #14. 

Make a copy of Happy Home Alone - Mission 3 & 4

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