What’s Next?

So you’ve completed the foundations course for Happy Home Alone™. Now what? 

You have what it takes to move forward at your dog’s pace. You have lifetime access to this course and our archived Facebook Community where you can review the lessons and the calls if you hit a blip in your process. 

Where are you supposed to be right now? Wherever you are. Every dog is different and I know I keep telling you that, but it’s so important to know that.

Your dog is an individual and you have to work at their pace. 

If you’re feeling like you need more help, I want you to join me in the Membership so that I can continue to support you through this. More on this Membership momentarily…

You’ve worked so hard and sacrificed so much. I see you. It’s worth it in the end when you can leave your home knowing that your dog is relaxed and comfortable and you’re not coming home to noise complaints and destruction. 

I could not be more proud of you. Truly. And your dog appreciates this more than you’ll ever know.