What happens after you close the door? Take a minute to write down all the things that happen after that door is closed and the lock is turned: 

You’ve run your reassessment and you’ve determined your dog’s new baseline. Next up you’re going to write the Mission that works best for you. 

I can give you a few ideas (and I have, in the Community) but I’d love to see you trying your hand at a Mission now. 

Go ahead and create it and even post it in the Community for me to see!

If you are at the point of adding variables like elevators, garage doors, car starting, driving away, etc… be sure that you have that padding! If not, just work on building up that padding outside your door or at a safe distance from the door (down the hall, around the corner, at the furthest point in the garage). 

Adding a car in the driveway or a garage door? Download the Missions I’ve drawn up as examples and remember to create splits if you need to!