Learning Objectives

Whoo! We’re adding those durations and maybe we’re starting to sweat a little. Am I right? 

As we add duration, we are struck with the typical questions about porch doors, going out of sight, garage doors, elevators, starting the car; all of those variables that weren’t discussed previously. 

We’re going to tackle those in this module.  


  • Longer durations, shorter Missions
  • When one door closes…
  • Start the car!!!


  • Build a Mission
  • Add some variables


  • Going rogue

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you will have:

  • learned how to lengthen a Mission while shortening it at the same time. (Is this Schrödinger’s Mission??)
  • learned how to add big scary variables into a Mission – the car and the garage door

You’re all set! Get in there and get started. 

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