Happy Home Alone™ Membership

So you’ve completed the Happy Home Alone™ program and you are ready to keep up the momentum.

You’re not sure how you’re ever going to survive without the regular support and Q&A calls. I hear you. I never want to lose touch with my students after these intense weeks of working together!

Since becoming the first CSAT in Canada in 2015, I’ve worked with hundreds of dogs with home alone distress and to this day, I keep in touch with many grads whose dogs are “in remission”. 

Did you know that working with a CSAT privately can cost anywhere from $850 – $1000+ a month? This is a huge (and sometimes much needed) investment. A monthly membership is the way to go in most cases! 

You don’t have to go it alone! Just like I was here for you during your program, I’m here for you now and for the foreseeable future. Join your classmates who are building on their knowledge, learning new skills, tackling challenges that commonly occur, and keeping the momentum with the support of one another. 

You’re in! 

You’re already in the membership, so you’re all set to keep going. At the ridiculously comfortable rate of $69/mo after your initial 3 months, you get continued support and SO much more. …read on…

What’s included in the Happy Home Alone™ Membership?

  • Daily access to me in our incredibly active and supportive Community. I answer your questions from Monday to Friday each week! 
  • Courses to support your learning (basic manners, confinement training, impulse control, etc…).
  • Access to detailed training Roadmaps that walk you through various behaviours and concepts, step-by-step, plus endless Quick Wins for typical challenges.
  • Regular live Q&Asdedicated to Separation Anxiety where I answer your questions in depth and more detail than even in the Community…and…Hot Seats! 
  • Plus other regular live Q&As about non-home-alone stuff
  • Training classes where we cover a variety of behaviours and concepts that take your dog’s learning to the next level. 
  • Archive of past Q&As, webinars, and training classes.
  • Free or discounted access to our new courses, public events, Masterclasses, and more!

What if I want to continue?

Nothing! You’ll be rolled in and you won’t notice a thing except a monthly membership charge of $69/mo. 

What if I want to cancel?

If you don’t want to continue on, I understand. I’ll miss you and probably develop my own case of separation anxiety from you, but I’ll understand.

Click here and select “cancel subscription” and you’ll lose all access on the last day of your billing cycle. That’s 90 days from your signup date, or one month after your billing cycle after you roll into the monthly membership. You can cancel anytime, but remember that the months are not prorated as it’s really hard to put a price tag on daily support.

Please get in touch if you need clarification on dates! You can see everything in your account, but sometimes it’s nice to get confirmation from us if you need it. I get that!