Learning Objectives

We’re past the halfway mark!

We’ve really spent a good chunk of our time working on a strong foundation and now it’s time to start pushing just a little. 

In this module, we’re going to learn how to build Missions with added duration (eeeeeek!!) so buckle up! 


  • Life after locking the door
  • How to build up duration now that our PDQs are covered


  • Reassess your dog
  • Build a Mission
  • Execute a Mission with added duration


  • What do I do during the reassessment?
  • Who should be running the reassessment with me?
  • Should I return when my dog is barking?

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you will have:

  • learned your dog’s new baseline
  • learned how to build duration into a Mission
  • learned what what to do when our dog falls apart

There is a bonus in the “Resources” section of this module – an interview with my dear friend and mentor, the Queen of Separation Anxiety and the world-renowned pioneer of this protocol, Malena Demartini. {{ insert wild cheering here }}

You’re all set! Get in there and get started.