We’ve added in all our PDQs and we’ve locked and unlocked the door, and this next step in our protocol is all about adding duration. 

This is where people tend to get really excited, and for good reason! This is why we’re here! 

We are going to take it slow, of course, but you’ll see bigger steps at this stage. We’re going to “massage the criteria” in a really gradual way and you might see some stress signals and that’s okay as long as your dog is recovering well. If we see distress, however, we’re going to stop and reassess our plan. 

It’s important to remember that when we increase the difficulty in one area, we have to loosen up the other criteria a little so that it’s not getting more challenging for your dog on all levels. For example, if we add more PDQs, we should not increase the duration of the absence; we should decrease the duration of the absence to accommodate the new criteria and then as you see your dog getting more comfortable, increase the duration while continuing to use those PDQs. 

Watch the video below to see how we build this next step: