Lesson 4 – Test out your Skills

Now that your dog is conditioned to the clicker and you are comfortable with your mechanics, observational skills, and your timing, let’s put it all together and teach our dog that they make the click happen, so to speak!


Choose a behaviour your dog already knows (most choose “sit”) and this will be the behaviour you work with first. 

  1. Cue your dog to “sit” and the nanosecond their bum hits the floor, MARK and then treat while they are still in that position. 
  2. Step away so that your dog is free to move and then repeat this exercise four more times. Your dog will be astounded at the mere thought that they can make you click and pay up for them performing a simple behaviour. You might even find that by the fifth repetition, your dog is sitting faster and faster! 

Now your dog should understand that the mark means they have performed the behaviour successfully and that the food is on its way. You’re well on your way! 

We have added some BONUS MATERIAL for you – move on to become an even more efficient and effective trainer by learning about “feeding in position” and the rules of “Push, Drop, Stick”.