Moving around

Now, you might think “YES! I’m done! My dog is muzzle-trained!” but don’t get too cocky too soon. So far you’ve been stationary. Moving around with a muzzle on may seem simple, but it’s not. 

As you will see in the next video, Salinger is completely unsure if his legs still work while this “happy helmet” is on his face. He hasn’t figured out how to turn his head left and right while wearing it. 

It’s going to take a little time and a little work. I’m using his favourite mobile cues, like “touch” to target my hand with his nose, but when I change to a higher target, asking him to jump up, he really struggles. It’s not perfect, but I’m asking him for little steps and building his confidence by rewarding well at every stage. 

I change things up a little to ask for “moustache” – his cue to shove his nose against my horizontally outstretched finger (to make a moustache) and then “through” to go between my legs. 

Ask only for behaviours your dog finds FUN and those that they are fluent in performing. 

This is where we get stuck because my baby belly is throwing me off balance. Hahaha!

Another typical challenge is eating treats off the floor/ground while wearing a muzzle, but I do want him to learn to do this because I love using my “find it” cue to help him disengage from visual triggers on walks. 

I’m using Ziwi Peak kibbles, which he loves, but you might want to start with larger chunks that are easier to pick up. 

You can skip this part if you have a poop-eater on walks.