Planning your training session

Planning your training session

Timing is everything. Think about your training session from all angles. Give yourself and your dog an objective assessment before setting up a training session. Set yourselves up for success – both of you!

Your mindset

  • You are feeling relaxed and cheerful
  • You have prepped high-value treats from your dog’s currency list
  • You have plenty of time and are not feeling rushed

Your dog’s mindset

  • They are feeling relaxed and not stressed or anxious (watch for trigger-stacking)
  • They have had enough exercise and mental stimulation leading up to this session
  • They are not stuffed after a meal
  • They have recently been out for a potty break
  • They are not in pain or discomfort

If you answered yes to all of these, you are ready to train and so is your dog. Keep things short and sweet. End the session when things are going well – your dog will be left wanting more!