Polite Walking Workshop


Welcome to your Polite Walking workshop! I’ll bet you’re excited to be here! Well, at least your shoulders are glad you are!  

We all dream of walking down the street with a dog who saunters at our side, occasionally stopping to smell the flowers or gaze up into our eyes lovingly.

The reality is so different! We are often walking around like a tangled marionette with a zig-zagging freight train at the end of the leash. Either that, or the dog that alternates between refusing to move, and leaping up and gnashing their teeth at the leash, trying to yank it out of our hands.

The goal of this workshop is to give you a half dozen tools to be able to take a relatively peaceful walk with your dog. The first point of this reality is that this is not a “heeling” class, in that we are not going to expect our dog to walk at our side in perfect stride for the whole walk. The realistic goal is to have a dog who walks nicely without pulling, checking in with you visually, now and again.

You’ve got some work ahead of you to install this tricky behaviour, and to maintain it for a lifetime. It’s not always easy but it pays off tenfold in the end!

Let’s get started.