Step Three: Rewards

Step Three is to ensure rewards are ready and plentiful.

Rewarding causes repetition. If you were to get paid $1000 every time you did something simple, wouldn’t you do that thing far more frequently? That’s how dogs think. It has to be worth it to them or they won’t do it.

When your puppy does their business in the designated area, wait until they are completely finished, and then throw a party!

Party like it’s 1999! Happy talk and 3-4 tiny treats one after another will do! Avoid petting them – 99.99% hate to be petted after doing their business, so this might inadvertently punish them!

Once the business transaction is complete, go take your walk as an added bonus for a job well done! Should your dog do their business on a walk, react the same way! The goal is to ensure that 100% of successful pottying in an appropriate place are rewarded so well that the puppy doesn’t even consider doing it indoors.