How often does my puppy have to “go”?

How often does my puppy have to “go”?

There are a few typical situations that will trigger your puppy’s bladder or bowels. In the beginning you might be going out every half hour or hour in the daytime. That’s normal! You might even get up with them once or twice overnight as well!

Wakey, wakey! 

As soon as your puppy wakes up, be ready to clip on that leash and make a beeline for the door. Don’t delay. Have your shoes ready to slip on and your poop bags & treats right beside them.

Monitoring input, predicting output

You’ll have to keep a close eye on your pup to ensure that you’re on top of them. I do not restrict access to puppies’ water – I believe that unless advised by a Veterinarian, we should always provide access to fresh water. Once your puppy has finished eating or has had a drink, watch like a hawk. Usually within 15-30 minutes, they’re ready to move things along, so to speak.

Play, interrupted

Your puppy might be playing as usual and then suddenly stop and look for a spot. If you see circling and sniffing, or even hyperactive behaviour; barking and biting – those are common signals that your puppy needs to “go”. Don’t delay – get out there!