BONUS: Teach your puppy to ring a bell to go outside 

Wouldn’t it be nice if our dogs could let us know that they need to go potty rather than having an accident inside? It’s possible for us to teach them how to communicate this need through a simple hanging bell at the door!


Because this is new to the dog, let’s start by creating a fantastic association with the bells:

  • Jingle the bells – wait one second – feed a treat – put the bells away
  • Repeat randomly throughout the day until the dog is happy to hear that bell ring

Next, we’ll hang the bells at the front door and associate them with going out:

  • Jingle the bells and then leash up your pup to go out, and out you go!
  • Repeat every single time you take your pup out to potty

Next, we’ll give our pup the chance to try it:

  • At a typical potty time, wait to see if your dog rings them. If they do, throw a little party and immediately leash them up and take them outside to potty.
  • If they don’t ring the bells on their own, continue Jingling the bells and then leash up your pup to go out, and out you go – sometimes it takes a little while for them to figure out the pattern.

Caution: The bells are meant to signal “I have to go potty” as opposed to “I want to play outside” so take your dog out to potty as soon as they ring them and if they’re goofing off, head back inside without much ado. If your dog is a chewer or eats inedible objects, do not leave the bells hanging without supervision as your dog could swallow them and choke.