If your puppy regresses at any point in the first year, you’ve got a normal puppy!

There are a few triggers for regressions:

  • Illness or injury: If your pup is unwell or injured, they can easily regress in the housetraining department.
  • A  change  in  routine: You go back to work, you take a staycation, you go away for vacation and leave the pup with a friend or family member, you name it. Any change in routine can throw them off.
  • sudden  diet  change  often  causes  diarrhoea  and this is something they cannot control. Try to keep their diet consistent or at least do slow food transitions.
  • Dogs do not  generalise their training to all locations, so whether you visit friends and family with your pup or you move house, the stress of adapting can cause accidents.

Always go back to the basics and watch like a hawk!