I want you to feel like this is your new Google. A detailed and science-based repository of information that will help you raise your puppy into the dog you’ve always wanted. 

I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed (or more overwhelmed than you already are).

As someone who has been coaching puppy-guardians just like you for well over a decade now, I know what the priorities are, based on your dog’s development and what is likely to happen. I carefully crafted this program so that you get the information that is most important first. 

You might think that potty training or learning to “sit” is priority, but I’m going to blow your mind with the first statement here. Neither is important right now. Both can be taught anytime. 

You have a small window in which to work on specific concepts and when that window closes, it’s closed. It doesn’t open back up again. If you miss this opportunity in your puppy’s life, it can affect their behaviour dramatically in adolescent and adulthood when you least expect it.

Let me guide you – that’s why you’ve hired me! 

Whether you’re starting out before you adopt your puppy or you’re already knee deep in puppy pads and tooth-marks, I’ll make the same suggestions: 

Work through the material step-by-step. Consume each lesson in order; no need to take action just yet. Get the information uploaded to your brain and then when you go back with a mission to take action (rather than consume) it will be so much easier for you as the material will be familiar! 

Congratulations on making the choice to adopt a puppy! You are about to embark on a spectacular journey  that will be filled with puppy breath, wet noses, sloppy kisses, warm snuggles and plenty of laughter and joy.

That being said, having a puppy is similar to having a new baby – there is a lot to do and while it will not be easy to begin with, you will find that all the hard work you do early on will pay off tenfold in the long run.

My job, here at The Centre for Canine Education Inc. is to give you the tools and knowledge to make this journey as enjoyable and successful as possible. I’ve been here before – right where you are standing, and I know what you’re going through. I also know what you’re about to go through, so you’ll be better prepared for what’s to come.

The methods, techniques, tools and equipment that I suggest are all force-free and humane. I want to teach you how best to communicate with your pup without using fear, pain, intimidation, or punishment. We call this “positive” training, but do not be fooled – I don’t mean “permissive”. We use a rewards system that encompasses praise, food, toys, affection, and access to resources. This method is science-based and has been proven as the most reliable method in training all species, for decades.

Throughout this process, I’m here to support you and guide you – please let me know how I can help. There’s nothing that makes me happier than to see happy, healthy pups and their relaxed, confident humans.