Health Insurance

You might pooh-pooh health insurance for your dog, but I want you to consider what insurance actually is.

It’s there in case you need it and if you don’t, at least you had that safety net and you have a healthy dog.  

Many people are going to tell you that having a savings account is enough, but it takes time to build up a savings account that is hefty enough to cover a serious illness or injury. What if your brand new puppy is diagnosed with EPI like Salinger was, before you can build it up? What if you run out with the first diagnosis/treatment? 

Sal’s medication and supplements are over $200/mo. plus all the testing that has to occur twice a year to make sure he’s still on track. This isn’t something that will go away with time. This is for his lifetime. 

If your dog is diagnosed with an illness or is injured, the last thing you want is to have to make a decision based on financial ability. 

I always encourage people to get insurance IMMEDIATELY upon bringing a puppy (or rescue dog) home. You know nothing about them and yes, they “seem” healthy, but you have no idea what the future holds. After the first 12-18 months, you might then decide that you don’t need it. Cancel it! No big deal. 

Insurance for your dog is the same as insurance for your car – you hope you don’t need it but it sure is nice if/when you do. 

Click the link below to find out more about my favourite: Trupanion Puppy Insurance:

Trupanion puppy insurance