Setting Up a LTCA

A LTCA (Long-Term Confinement Area) is ideal for puppies and young dogs because we don’t want to have to crate them in a small space for too long. For a short period (a few hours) it’s not bad, but having a bit of space is nice and can help the dog feel less anxious. 

Here is how I like to set mine up:

  • Exercise pen to create a secure space OR a baby gate to use a small room (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room)
  • Crate
  • Water bowl
  • A few toys (rotate on a daily basis to keep them novel)
  • As far from everything as possible, place a pee pad or turf if you choose to use those

The LTCA is where all good things should happen. This is ideal for when you have to go to work or leave the pup alone for a couple of hours. If you have to clean or are working on something that requires a dog-free space (scrapbooking, cooking, changing diapers, etc), pop your pup in the LTCA so that you can do what you have to, without a puppy underfoot or jumping up and stealing things. 

The LTCA is the halfway mark between freedom and crating. I’m of the opinion that this is better than crating and freedom at this age…however I do feel that dogs need all three in doses! More on that later.