Exercise Guidelines

Have you ever been told that “a tired dog is a good dog”

Please wipe this from your mind and replace it with any of the following:

“A tired dog is a tired dog”

“A mentally stimulated dog is a good dog” 

“An appropriately exercised dog is a relaxed dog” 

It is SO easy for us to overdo the walking and exercise with a puppy and there are a few things we have to keep in the forefront of our minds. 

When we bring home a new puppy, we often want to get out there and introduce them to the world as much as possible. This is fair, but we have to take things in stride. 

Here is my Coles’ Notes Version, but please check out the two resources below as they are far more detailed and helpful! 

  • Avoid allowing your puppy to do stairs for as long as possible. 1-3 stairs is not a big deal, once or twice a day, but please do not allow them to do a flight of stairs. 
  • Avoid allowing your puppy to jump heights higher than their elbow. Yes, this is hard to manage and not always avoidable, but we do our best. 
  • When walking your puppy, go at their pace; if they are on Turbo-speed, limit the distance and time walking and supplement with brain games and mental enrichment. If they are stopping and “planting”, listen to them and don’t drag them or force them to keep moving. Sniffing and “noodling around” is far better than a hike or a long walk on concrete sidewalks. 

Click the image below (or this link) to view Avidog-Zink – Puppy Exercise Guidelines

Click the image below (or this link) to view Puppy Culture Age-Appropriate Exercise Guidelines