Module 05 Learning Objectives

The halfway mark! You’re doing great! 

Now, we’re going to get really, really deep into some topics. I want to give you a heads’ up that the next few modules are where the heavy lifting resides. This is where you’re going to get the whole family on board and you’re going to have a game plan that works. 

You might be focused on training a “sit” and a “leave it”. Am I right? “Are you a mind-reader?” you ask. Nope…I just have more than a decade of experience helping people just like you, raise puppies just like yours into the dog you’ve always wanted. I know what people normally start with and what the major challenges are. I also know when those challenges will change and what you’ll face next. It’s like having a crystal ball. You might be surprised that “sit” and “leave it” are completely unimportant right now. I know that’s a bit shocking, but I want you to start out on the right paw! Stop everything and block out a few minutes to study this module with your family.

It’s so important – I can’t stress that enough! 

These are the Top Five Puppy Priorities: