I know what you’re picturing. You’re picturing that perfect, leisurely walk down the street with your dog prancing at your side in stride with you. No pulling, no distractions, no issues. 

Listen. That happens in movies. Real life looks a little different. 

If you live in a city, you’re dealing with a LOT of distractions and a lot of sensory overload for a pup. This manifests as a lot of pulling, lunging, jumping, sitting, ignoring, sniffing, and general chaos. 

First, let’s clear up one common misconception – you might be imagining that we are going to work on a proper “heel” but that is only for show, rally, sport, and other very short term activities. Dogs cannot be expected to walk in “heel” for their entire walk – that is borderline cruel! That’s like asking your child to walk gracefully (in perfect etiquette) everywhere she goes, including the mall and the playground. It’s simply not realistic. 

Rather than “heel”, (which we do not teach, by the way!) let’s make it our goal to have a dog who walks politely on leash.

Now THAT is more realistic!