Pre-Departure Cues

Just like when we work with children, we have to deliver information in bite-sized pieces for dogs in order to set them up for success without overwhelming them. 

If you were to take your list of pre-departure cues and start working through this protocol with all of them right off the bat, you would likely find that you’re swimming upstream. If we integrate one or two of them at a time, you will find that you can make progress faster and when your dog has built some resilience, you can add more in and they’ll be able to handle it like a pro!

Feel free to take a moment and review your completed Pre-Departure Cue workbook. We have started with <2 pre-departure cues and will gradually mix in the more challenging items – don’t worry! There’s method to the madness! 

Click “​NEXT LESSON” to work on actually leaving the home and closing the door – a HUGE sticking point for most dogs. It’s about to get more challenging, so be sure to build your foundation with these early training plans!

Lessons in this Course: