Suspending absences

‚ÄčIt takes a village

Finding management options for a dog with Isolation Distress can be a distressing task for us humans! But we need to recognize that it takes a village, so let’s start building that village now.  Here are some typical solutions:

  • doggie daycare
  • trade dog sitting with family, friends or neighbours
  • local seniors
  • take your dog to work
  • foster families via rescue groups in exchange for a donation
  • professional pet sitter (in your home or theirs)
  • work from home
  • posting at colleges/universities, churches, community centres
  • Facebook and other social media with dog-lovers groups (Care for Reactive Dogs, DINOS, Separation Anxiety support groups, Pet Professional Guild, etc…)
  • youth groups whose members need to earn a badge for animal care
  • friend, student, or entrepreneur who needs a place to work with internet access (anyone writing a thesis!)

Before you think you’re stuck…there’s also:

  • dog-friendly dining
  • dog-friendly shopping (Canadian Tire, HomeSense, Winners, etc.)
  • grocery delivery services
  • Amazon!
  • potluck dinner parties at your place

How do I find my village?

Posting on social media is a sure-fire way to get the help of those in your circle or a friend-of-a-friend. Struggling to come up with the words? No problem – we’ve done this a few times and are happy to help!Here’s how you can structure it:1. Tell them about Fido’s struggles2. Tell them about Fido’s personality3. Tell them when you need a sitter and where4. Tell them what they get out of it5. Give them an idea of how long they might be needed6. Remind them that Fido can’t be left alone at all7. Thank them and ask them to share

Dog-loving friends: Fido is having a hard time when left alone – he cries and scratches the door, loses control of his bladder, and has a hard time settling. The good news is that we’re about to start an intensive program to help him through this! While we’re working through this training program, we are in need of a village. Fido is a fun-loving but relaxed kind of dog who is happy to play ball or snuggle with you on the couch. He needs a couple of potty breaks through the day and has a dog walker who comes at noon to get his beans out for an hour. (You’ll likely find that he’ll sleep the afternoon away after that!)[insert cute pictures and video here] 

Are you a dog-loving person who is available to hang out at my place (<MAIN INTERSECTION>) from <TIME> to <TIME> on <DAYS OF WEEK>? I’m happy to create a rotating schedule if you’re only able to take on one or two days per week!In exchange, I am happy to pay $____ per hour, and you are welcome to the contents of my fridge (stocked with snacks!), my unlimited Wi-Fi, and the company of the cutest dog in the world.I’m hoping that if I can arrange for pet care for a few months, we will be well on our way to resolution by then! The only catch is that Fido cannot be left alone (even for five minutes) as this level of management is integral to the success of the program.Thank you so much! Please share with your dog-loving friends so we can find full coverage asap and get Fido on the path to independence!

Remember to make your post public so that your friends can share with their friends! Screen your sitters carefully and be sure that they come from a reliable source!Keep a calendar (even an online one through Google Spreadsheets) where you can track your sitters’ shifts and even share it with them so that there are no misunderstandings!

Now it’s your turn!

Using a combination of copy & paste and your own words, create your social media post asking for your village to come together. When posting online, be sure to avoid giving personal information (address, unit number, etc) until you are comfortable with the person/people you have chosen. Also be sure to include some very cute pictures and videos of your dog – that’s the sure-fire way to build interest!

Lessons in this Course: